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Who we are

iLathys is a self-funded venture builder founded in Singapore in 2011 by two French entrepreneurs. With a team of more than 60 people (in Singapore and around the world), iLathys has launched and developed multiple businesses around B2B services and technology.

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The iLathys edge

Since 2011, we have developed solutions mostly around video marketing.
We team up with great people to create businesses and help them grow.

Our Businesses

Solar Hero Asia
Solar Hero Asia sources Commercial & Industrial (C&I) solar projects in Asia and coordinates with providers of tokenized solutions to provide them with debt financing.

fewStones is a video production and marketing agency based in Singapore. Started in 2011 and with more than 300 customers in Singapore and beyond, fewStones works with large companies as well as startups, providing engaging videos and video marketing services.

Veeroll is the easiest way to generate short form videos at scale by leveraging AI. Videos can be used on social media platform to grow an audience. Veeroll also offers a done-for-you service.

StoryboardHero is an innovative solution to drastically reduce the time and cost to create concepts, scripts, mood boards and storyboards by leveraging AI. It is a tool we have been using in our video agency and have decided to make available to other agencies.

Creative video production for social media.Online. Simple. Reliable.
Having videos created for you doesn’t have to be expensive. Unlimited video production for a flat monthly fee.

This French online design agency offers graphic design, video, and web design services. For a fixed monthly subscription, delegate an unlimited number of tasks to our team.

Customer Video Testimonials that convert prospects into clients:
we help B2B companies close deals faster than their competitors by creating video testimonials for them.

Gwacamol is a digital agency catering to SMEs in Singapore and beyond. As a long term partner of its customers, Gwacamol designs and manages WordPress websites. Website management services include speed optimisation, security, backups and updates.

Powata is a software development company that works both for iLathys projects and for some external clients. Powata has an in-house team of experienced full-stack software engineers.

Increase safety awareness by making sure that all workers on your site have been trained on the right safety videos. All-in-one safety training solution, including done-for-you videos, delivery of videos to workers (no app to install) and full traceability (online and reports).

Suite of business mobile apps and dashboards for merchandisers, sales reps and sales promoters. Business dashboards for supervisors and managers, with ERP integration.

AMS Decision
AMS Decision is a company providing technology solutions for the aircraft maintenance industry and centered around the engineers. Proposed solutions include AMS Experience for MROs and AMS Transition for CAMOs.

Custom Developments

We develop custom platforms for your business needs.
Contact us to discuss your project.

Some Of Our Customers

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