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Join us as a co-entrepreneur!

Are you in any of these three categories?

  • A young graduate looking for more than just a job as an employee,
  • An experienced professional looking for a new way of working but not quite ready to launch your own business completely on your own,
  • Someone who is working but willing to develop a part-time side business.

If you recognise yourself in one of the categories above, then maybe you are ready to become a co-entrepreneur.

What’s a co-entrepreneur?

A co-entrepreneur is someone who is more than an employee but not exactly an entrepreneur either. Entrepreneurship can be a very difficult journey and it leads in many cases to failure, which can also be demoralising. Being a co-entrepreneur is midway between being an employee and being an entrepreneur, and you can get the best of both worlds.

For us at iLathys, a co-entrepreneur is someone who leads and manages a business. She/he is also in charge of closing sales with clients, supervising clients’ success and profitability, and being the public figure of the business.

What are the benefits for you

By being an co-entrepreneur:

  • You can define and shape the business you develop,
  • You can benefit from the upside of the business you manage (it can be in the form of profit sharing/shares), without any cap,
  • You are not alone: you are part of an organisation that helps you define and develop your business, and also deliver the services to your clients.

There are also added benefits:

  • You can work from anywhere in the world,
  • Depending on the format, you can have a salary as part of the package

How we help you succeed as an co-entrepreneur

When we work with you as an co-entrepreneur, we are in the same boat and help you in many ways:

  • We help you define and also validate the business concept that you will lead.
  • We will do most of the setup for the business to get started (creating the website etc).
  • We provide our pool of resources (we have an extensive team of graphic designers, web developers, copywriter, video editors, software developers and more) to help your business grow and also to deliver your services to your clients. That way, you don’t need to hire people and have fixed costs before generating revenues.
  • We also provide the support functions (finance, admin, HR) so you can focus on developing your business.
  • We accompany you all the way, not only with advice but also helping you solve bottlenecks (or solve them for you), such as finding new leads and more.
  • We are 100% aligned with you: we do not get any profit sharing unless you do. We help you succeed so we have a common success.

Who is it for?

Being aligned on values is essential for working together. Our core values include high integrity, being very customer focused and being committed to your mission.

In terms of skills, we are looking for people who can get things done (even when it requires thinking a bit outside the box) and enjoy talking to prospects/customers to help them solve their problems. If you are also proficient in getting new leads and representing the business on social media, it’s definitely a plus. You also need to enjoy managing a business and make it grow.

In terms of types of businesses, even though we are open to many ideas, we usually have a focus and expertise in delivering services to businesses. Services that can leverage the team we already have in place are preferred. We can build technology when needed, or leverage technologies from third parties.

Why work with us

We (Sophie Normand and Jean-Christophe Bouglé) started iLathys in Singapore in 2011 as a venture builder. We spent many years in the corporate world prior to starting our own business, and we wanted to work differently.

It has been a challenging entrepreneurial journey: we launched many businesses and made many mistakes. We learned from these mistakes and had some good successes as well. The businesses we launched and developed were in different fields: web design, graphic design, video production, photography, digital marketing, a YouTube channel, software and mobile app solutions for intranets, logistics and more. We have always been self funded so we had to be careful with our cash flow and we have always been profitable. We now have an International team of 45 people.

Our best successes have been when we had the right manager for a specific business. Our culture is to share the fruits of success and it led us to value co-entrepreneurship above all. Today we are on a mission to help more people become co-entrepreneurs and create their success.

While we can’t share more on this public document, we will be happy to discuss with you more in detail how working with co-entrepreneurs led to great successes. Please bear in mind that we are quite selective in our process of choosing the co-entrepreneurs we work with. There will be several steps in this selection process. But if you feel that this opportunity is for you this will not deter you. Please get in touch. Let’s launch and grow a new business together.

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