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Looking for more than a business development job? Join us as an intrapreneur! 

When what you need is not just a job but an adventure.
We are looking for business development intrapreneurs that we can support in their growth. 
Join us and let’s launch and grow a new business together.

Who we are

We are a Venture Builder creating and launching B2B businesses around graphic design, video and technology. Since 2011 we have launched and grown multiple successful companies such as fewStones, a leading corporate video agency in Singapore, or VideoBlast, an online graphic design and video agency. Started by two French serial entrepreneurs (Sophie Normand and JC Bouglé) in 2011 in Singapore, iLathys has always been self-funded and profitable since year 1. With an International team of more than 40 and growing fast, iLathys is able to support ambitious intrapreneurs. 

What we propose

If you are someone who can bring new clients to a business, then you are in the right place. What we propose is not the traditional business development role but a real path to becoming an intrapreneur in a business that we will define and launch together. 

Phase 1

You will start for a few months as a business developer for VideoBlast, our existing online productised service for graphic design and video creation. During these few months, you will demonstrate your ability to find new clients and close deals. During this period, we will define together what business we will launch with you as General Manager. We will help you validate the business opportunity and prepare for the launch.

Phase 2

You will launch your brand. We will help you with the setup and  we will provide all the production team, the systems and support teams (including finance, HR and more) to help you succeed. You focus on finding new clients, fine tuning the offering and closing transactions. You are the General Manager of this new business unit and you get an incentive on the profits in addition to your salary: congratulations, you have become an intrapreneur. We help you continue to grow this new business in the long run. 

What we are looking for

The main thing we are looking for is the right mindset:

  • You want more than a job and you want to succeed
  • You go the extra mile to get things done
  • You have strong ethical value and integrity
  • You are ready to work hard and learn fast to achieve your goals
  • You are very curious
  • You are a self starter and can work with limited supervision
  • You like to be part of a team that supports you
  • You are tech-savvy and know how to learn new skills by yourself 

You are perfect for the role if…

The mindset is more important to us than your education or even your experience. Most people joining us are young graduates but you could be someone older looking for a career change. Even if you are just graduating, you could have gained relevant experience in your extra curricular activities. 

There are a few things that can be an advantage:

  • A successful experience in lead generation, particularly using Linkedin
  • A successful experience in sales
  • A strong interest in some of the services that are currently offered by iLathys (graphic design, video creation, copywriting, web design) and/or some related services. 

What’s the next step?

Contact us to get started and we will guide you through the full application process. Expect a few challenges to solve along the way. We look forward to hearing from you.

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